Welfare Schemes

No other industry is as reliant on the weather and its fluctuations, as much as agriculture happens to be. And agriculture is the primary source of the Indian economy. With irregular climate, farmers and their efforts end up in vain and that leads to humongous financial setbacks to an already... Read More
The pandemic has wreaked havoc on people’s lives. And while the rich get through unscathed, it is the poor who end up suffering the most. Paying heed to the concerns of the poor, the Delhi government initiated a new scheme – Delhi Mukhyamantri COVID-19 Pariwar Aarthik Sahayata yojana online. About... Read More
The Police force, most definitely, is one of the most underrated services in our country. While they deserve a tonne of support and praise, they barely manage to have a proper office or facilities to do their jobs properly.  In order to resuscitate the dignity, reputation, and efficiency of the... Read More
Ever since our Independence, governments have always realised the importance of a self-reliant lower class, who has avenues to pursue its dreams and earn itself a livelihood it can be proud of. And while offering this might have been a pipedream for many governments in the absence of means and... Read More
Social security is something that offers the people a sense of reassurance that the State or nation has their backs in times of need. The West Bengal state government is inviting people to avail themselves the benefits of social security schemes like State Assisted Scheme of Provident Fund, Welfare Schemes for Building... Read More
With the onset of the Coronavirus and the subsequent lockdowns, farmers have had a really tough time selling the fruits of their labour. With no income and rising debts, the farmers usually find themselves in deep despair. Understanding the problems of the poor farmers, the government of Andhra Pradesh launched... Read More
Government officials have always put the interest of the citizens before themselves, and they have, at several instances, done more than what their duties demand. These are selfless workers who have sacrificed their dreams of working for multinational corporates and rather intended to offer their services to the welfare of... Read More
The Samagra Portal is essentially meant to be an initiative to help the people of Madhya Pradesh by the Madhya Pradesh State government. It basically aims to offer a myriad of services online and offline as well to its residents all over the state. The basic idea behind the initiative... Read More