Voter List

With changing times, procedures need to be abreast with these changing times, so as to remain relevant and accessible to the masses. With the Sikkim Chief Electoral officer elections coming up, and in light of the current medical crisis faced worldwide, the government of Sikkim has made the process digital for all... Read More
Elections are an integral part of the country’s democracy. Voting, as a process, however, can be quite difficult to implement in a country with a population like that of India – which holds the reputation to be the world’s greatest democracy. With the Chief Electoral Officer elections of Chandigarh coming... Read More
The Chief Electoral Officer elections are around the corner in Jammu and Kashmir. These elections are crucial in establishing welfare and harmony in any state, and the people play an important role in these elections – as with any democratic voting procedure. The process of elections can be quite tedious to... Read More
Elections are an integral part of any democracy and the right to vote is what drives it. With the Jharkhand elections around the corner, one would need to have election relevant documents in order, so as to exercise one of the most fundamental rights one can practice in a sound democracy. The... Read More
The Delhi elections are nigh, and voters must therefore take note of whether their name sits on the list or not. Voters of Delhi must ensure before they set out to cast their votes if their name has been mentioned on the CEO Delhi Voter list 2021. The Chief Electoral... Read More