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For the longest time, single mothers and orphan girls in the country find themselves in a fix whenever the financial burdens of a wedding fall upon them. This pressure can be quite crippling to those who have to go through a lot of hardships just to sustain themselves. In such... Read More
With the onset of the pandemic, academics worldwide have taken a hit. Students, who worked hard to make a future for themselves and their families, now find themselves questioning what the future holds for them. With such uncertainties in place, students’ mental health takes a toll and their overall well-being is... Read More
The Delhi government is getting on board with digitisation – which just seems to be the word of the year so far. Getting things online makes them incredibly accessible and a lot more secure than having to physically store them somewhere – where they can be ruined or tampered with.  Land records... Read More
The Delhi elections are nigh, and voters must therefore take note of whether their name sits on the list or not. Voters of Delhi must ensure before they set out to cast their votes if their name has been mentioned on the CEO Delhi Voter list 2021. The Chief Electoral... Read More
With rising concerns over the climate crisis, world governments are now taking eco-friendly measures to salvage this planet from ruins. And while many governments all over the world are coming up with innovative measures to battle the issue and save the planet, the Delhi state government has something innovative to... Read More
The Jammu and Kashmir administration is now accepting applications for Domicile certificates. The Union Territory government has initiated the process of offering domicile certificates to those who have been living in Jammu and Kashmir for more than 15 years. Interested applicants who are eligible for the certificate can now apply... Read More
Covid-19 has indeed compelled people to come up with innovative solutions where not only are people helped, but help is provided with due diligence to social distancing norms. While the central government announced free ration for ration card holders for several months, there would often be people crowding Ration shops,... Read More