Scholarship Scheme

Offering lucrative incentives for any task ensures enhanced output and better efforts. That seems to simply be human nature. Lately, the Gujarat government has understood that potential and is directing this aspect of human psychology by offering handsome scholarships to meritorious students in Gujarat through the Gujarat Mukhyamantri Yuva Swavalamban... Read More
In the current decade, education is of utmost importance. And time and again, if personal stories are to be believed, it is education that stands at the core of turning fates from those of rags to those of riches. Jharkhand has, over the years, faced a lot of educational issues... Read More
Encouraging students from the lower economic strata to attend schools and be interested in education has perpetually been a challenge for governments and educational departments. And while the merits of a good education are countless, people are yet to be aware of how really beneficial education is, at least in... Read More
Implemented by the Department of Science and Technology, Innovation in Science Pursuit Research (INSPIRE) Scholarship Scheme is an innovative program that attracts and enhances young talent to science. Objectives The objective of the INSPIRE scheme is to communicate and bring to India’s youth the enthusiasm of creative pursuit of science, interest... Read More