Schemes in West Bengal

Offering support to minority groups is an attempt at equity that governments try to achieve. People from minority groups often find themselves lacking opportunities that would play well to their benefits on the basis of their actual potential, but they miss out on them since the starting line, sadly, is... Read More
Ever since the lockdowns have come into effect, youngsters all around the nation have found it increasingly difficult to bag a job that keeps the income steady and their households afloat. Bearing in mind the deplorable situation that arose, the government of West Bengal initiated the WB Karmo Bhumi yojana. About the... Read More
Social security is something that offers the people a sense of reassurance that the State or nation has their backs in times of need. The West Bengal state government is inviting people to avail themselves the benefits of social security schemes like State Assisted Scheme of Provident Fund, Welfare Schemes for Building... Read More
Farmers in India find it increasingly difficult to make ends meet with the income they make. Sustaining themselves and their families turns out to be an elephantine task, as their incomes are uncertain and largely dependent on variable factors like weather, soil quality, seed quality and the changing socio-political scenario... Read More
Over the years, West Bengal has introduced some really innovative plans for its residents, to make their lives easier, in ways more than one. Lately, in a long list of interesting schemes stands the West Bengal Jai Bangla Pension scheme, also known as the Joy Bangla Scheme. About the Joy... Read More
The world has been reeling from the aftereffects of a pandemic nobody saw coming. And while industries are recuperating, there still seems to be an issue of unemployment, that is turning out to be too difficult to brush off. With millions of youngsters idling through their days without a job,... Read More