Schemes in Tamil Nadu

With the onset of the pandemic, education, by and large, ended up taking a backseat. Schools have remained shut for over a year now, and one can only wonder when everything will be safe enough to allow kids to enter schools to resume their academics. In the meanwhile, educational facilities... Read More
India is a developing country, and like all developing countries out there, India is increasingly addressing traditional beliefs and overcoming them one by one. Among these progressive attempts is one that has been under the radar for the longest time, and that is – menstrual hygiene. Owing to the taboo around... Read More
While the pandemic brought in a lot of restrictions to things, we usually took for granted, it has also revolutionized some other walks of life. E-learning was always looked at as something as a facet of a utopian future, but with the Coronavirus pandemic, the future turned into the present... Read More