Schemes in Odisha

Culture is an integral part of one’s identity. However, with modern influences, culture and its most essential roots are losing touch with modernity. It is imperative to maintain culture and its nuances so that generations in the future can stay connected with ancestral traditions and virtues. In order to preserve... Read More
Lately, the importance of healthcare has really taken center stage, all around the world. Governments across the globe have decided to pay more attention to healthcare, considering how neglecting it can have devastating effects in the long run, and how a single virus is all it takes to bring the world to... Read More
Small businesses have suffered the most with the onset of the pandemic. And a major chunk of government profits actually stems from the profits of these small businesses, which makes sense why the Make In India initiative is prioritised lately. The Odisha government, understanding the plight of craftsmen who have been... Read More
The Odisha government, in the last couple of months, has been prioritising child healthcare with utmost gusto. The state government has launched a range of schemes for the welfare of new mothers and newborn babies, and one such scheme happens to be the Odisha e-Kalika scheme – a scheme which... Read More