Schemes in Madhya Pradesh

Over the past year, people have realised the importance of better healthcare and the issues that can arise if the healthcare sector is not prioritised. It is no surprise that ever since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, governments all over the world have directed efforts and resources towards improving... Read More
Education is an essential aspect of an individual’s holistic growth and development. In India, education often is also considered a way out of poverty and onto better things and opportunities in life. However, with the onset of the pandemic, students cannot go back to schools, which has impacted academics, much to the dismay... Read More
In order to tackle several issues at once, governments need to deploy something broader than merely focusing on one issue at a time. Usually, governments are held for a specific period of time, and there happens to be no time to take matters one at a time. This one-cure-treats-all strategy... Read More
Unemployment swept through the nation just as furiously as the pandemic. And while some may argue, to some capacity, unemployment did prove to be somewhat lethal to the people of the country. The choices for the lower-middle-class household or workers from the labourer sect were to either suffer from the... Read More
The world, currently, stands conflicted on several matters, like the pandemic, riots, civil wars and outright wars. However, amidst all the politics and the diplomatic handshakes, it gets easier to forget about the soil we stand over. Climate crisis is all real a threat as far as threats go. This... Read More
For the longest time, governments have had a status or reputation of not being easily approachable. To put an end to that, and to help out the people, the state government of Madhya Pradesh has initiated the MPOnline Kiosk Scheme which is responsible to offer governmental services to the people, help people with accessing... Read More
Over the years, sensitivity towards animals has increased in the nation. Not only are people growing more aware of the ill-treatment of animals, but now governments are imposing laws and rules on the protection and conservation of certain species of animals that are indigenous to our land. The Madhya Pradesh... Read More