Schemes in Kerala

When traditional norms take cultural roots, it is the innocent who suffers. In a progressive world, widows should not be abandoned from public welfare, but rather should be included all the more. Bearing in mind the atrocities women face, the Kerala Abhayakiranam scheme 2021 has been launched which will offer financial assistance to women... Read More
The fisherpeople community has been one that has stood the test of time for centuries now. They are a community of people whose occupation holds value to not only the economy of the country but also its tradition. In order to express its support and gratitude to the community, the... Read More
Kerala, as a state, has always been one of the forerunners in offering social service – both in-state and out. They are known to come up with innovative solutions to everyday problems in the most feasible and affordable manner possible. Lately, the government of Kerala initiated a new plan to... Read More