Schemes in Jharkhand

One of the things on the mind of parents of daughters from poorer families in India is the wedding expenses. Traditionally, weddings are an expensive undertaking, and culturally they hold massive significance, and parents of girl children often tend to worry about the expenses the wedding may accrue. To alleviate... Read More
With a health crisis looming over nations for well over a year now, governments and state governments are now finding ways to deal with this. Healthcare crises can only be resolved with healthcare efforts, and while they can be quite a task to achieve, it definitely is not impossible. The plagues and... Read More
Elections are an integral part of any democracy and the right to vote is what drives it. With the Jharkhand elections around the corner, one would need to have election relevant documents in order, so as to exercise one of the most fundamental rights one can practice in a sound democracy. The... Read More
In the current decade, education is of utmost importance. And time and again, if personal stories are to be believed, it is education that stands at the core of turning fates from those of rags to those of riches. Jharkhand has, over the years, faced a lot of educational issues... Read More