Schemes in Himachal Pradesh

Usually, people complain about there being no authority out there listening to the problems of the “common person.” To change this situation, and to be able to function at the grassroots level, the CM of Himachal Pradesh announced the Seva Sankalp scheme – a helpline service that will enable citizens... Read More
Once people enter the later stages of their lives, they need avenues to keep themselves occupied. To offer avenues for the aged in Himachal Pradesh, the State government has initiated the Himachal Pradesh Panchvati Yojana 2021 under the Green Belt Development scheme for the elderly in the state. About the Panchavati Scheme in Himachal Pradesh... Read More
The Ek Bigha Yojana or the One Bigha Yojana is being looked at as an empowerment scheme for women. For the longest time, women found it difficult to find respectful, well-paying jobs. In the absence of such jobs, women in India were forced to be dependent on the earning men... Read More