Schemes in Gujarat

Offering lucrative incentives for any task ensures enhanced output and better efforts. That seems to simply be human nature. Lately, the Gujarat government has understood that potential and is directing this aspect of human psychology by offering handsome scholarships to meritorious students in Gujarat through the Gujarat Mukhyamantri Yuva Swavalamban... Read More
Grade 10 is a crucial year in the academic life of any individual. It lays the foundation for the student’s higher education and sets the course for what their future has in store for them. However, studies reveal that most girls from poorer families in India cannot afford higher education... Read More
In the current world, if someone intends to cut out from the vicious cycle of poverty and make something financially sustainable for oneself, one has to educate oneself. Over the years, the Indian government has paid heed to the need for quality education, not just for the limited few, but... Read More