Schemes in Bihar

Over the years, with the rise of the appliance era, and our reliance on them, electricity has grown to earn itself an essential status in our day to day life. We are now over-reliant on electricity to run our appliances and make our day smoother so much so that without... Read More
The position of a moulvi in the Islamic religion is one of stature and prestige. To uphold the fundamentals of religions is a responsibility that cannot be taken lightly. It takes one to be well versed with the ideologies of the religion and that requires a lot of studying. To... Read More
The youth of a nation is its greatest strength. To offer the right platforms and avenues for the youth to succeed stands to be the responsibility of governments. The Bihar government, understanding the potential of its youth, has launched the Bihar Mukhyamantri Yuva Udyami yojana 2021. Implementation of the scheme The... Read More
Ever since our Independence, governments have always realised the importance of a self-reliant lower class, who has avenues to pursue its dreams and earn itself a livelihood it can be proud of. And while offering this might have been a pipedream for many governments in the absence of means and... Read More
For decades, women empowerment has been a neglected conversation in India. Now, with the turn of the century, governments all around the country are now striving to make women’s empowerment the core of governmental policies. One such state in a long list of states to make women empowerment the norm... Read More
The year 2020 has been a massive frameshift in terms of governmental policies and the way certain schemes have been implemented in the country. With the onset of the Covid pandemic and millions of people losing their jobs, while mandatory lockdowns being imposed, offering help to the poor got all... Read More