Schemes in Assam

The need for technological intervention in the light of the pandemic is felt more than ever before. However, technological interventions cost money, and not everyone can afford them. With academics largely turning online, students seem to struggle to get the right resources to get back to their studies, and this... Read More
Over the last couple of decades, governments have tried to go out of the way and help the deteriorating situation of farmers across the country. Agriculture is a pivotal aspect of the Indian economy which is primarily agrarian in nature. When the farmers suffer, the national economy on the whole suffers, and this is... Read More
The Police force, most definitely, is one of the most underrated services in our country. While they deserve a tonne of support and praise, they barely manage to have a proper office or facilities to do their jobs properly.  In order to resuscitate the dignity, reputation, and efficiency of the... Read More
India is a developing nation. With the winds of change, card castles of stigma topple down, and that is the future that is unfurling for the country. Since the turn of the century, the young nation has brought about several changes and has gotten increasingly more progressive.  However, true progress... Read More
In a young country like India, few regressive traditions have still managed to have a stronghold of culture, which, in the long run, inhibits the prosperity of the people and the nation on the whole.  One such regressive notion is the stigma that surrounds a widow. Once her husband passes, widows... Read More
The onset of the pandemic has brought to light several issues. While the death of thousands either through disease or lack of finances and nutrition is now a piece of everyday news, there are state governments trying to find a lucrative solution to the problem and save as many lives as they... Read More
In order to respect the efforts and the undying spirit of those who have put their lives on the line to grace people with the gift of information, the Assam government has introduced the Assam One time Grant for Media personality scheme. This scheme, essentially, is financial assistance offered to journalists in the state... Read More
Women empowerment is the need of the hour, and governments all across the world are hopping onto the bandwagon to exhibit their support and extend a helping hand to a rightful cause. Over the years, several schemes have been launched to enable women to have a rightful place in society... Read More