Schemes in Andhra Pradesh

Owning a house is a basic fundamental right of every person. It falls under the prescribed essentials of Food, Clothing and Shelter. However, owning a house currently could seem like a steep climb; with soaring apartmental prices and shrinking spaces in cities, people barely have any place to build a... Read More
From the days of yore, traditional farming practices have revered cattle for the multifarious benefits they offer. From milk to offering strength for ploughing, cattle have proved their worth, time and again.  In order to care better for cattle health, the Andhra Pradesh government is launching the Andhra Pradesh Cattle health card... Read More
With the onset of the pandemic, students and their academics have taken a massive hit for the worse. While education has largely gotten digital, there are very few households, especially in the rural areas who can even afford technological aids for continuing their studies. And while that stands to be a major issue, what... Read More
Over the last few decades, governments worldwide have come to realise the importance of women empowerment. Several governments have introduced schemes and plans that will offer women a platform to accomplish equality across various facets of life. The Andhra Pradesh state government is one in the long line of state governments to introduce... Read More