Schemes for Students

Usually, students from the economically backward classes do not find the right avenues to prosper, which is why they get to end up being stuck in the vicious cycle of poverty. Education is the only way forward for such students; a key to unlock that better life – a life... Read More
The need for technological intervention in the light of the pandemic is felt more than ever before. However, technological interventions cost money, and not everyone can afford them. With academics largely turning online, students seem to struggle to get the right resources to get back to their studies, and this... Read More
Education is an essential component in a person’s life. It allows one to break the cycle of poverty and reach for greater financial glory. Education, in its truest form, has redemptive powers, and more people are realizing its potential as the years go by. In order to enable poor students from rural areas... Read More
Education is an essential aspect of an individual’s holistic growth and development. In India, education often is also considered a way out of poverty and onto better things and opportunities in life. However, with the onset of the pandemic, students cannot go back to schools, which has impacted academics, much to the dismay... Read More
One of the oldest hobbies in the book has to be stamp collection. There was an age where every person indulged in philately. Over the years, however, with posting letters falling out of fashion due to the arrival of faster modes of communication like telephones, cell phones and the internet,... Read More
With the onset of the pandemic, academics worldwide have taken a hit. Students, who worked hard to make a future for themselves and their families, now find themselves questioning what the future holds for them. With such uncertainties in place, students’ mental health takes a toll and their overall well-being is... Read More
Offering support to minority groups is an attempt at equity that governments try to achieve. People from minority groups often find themselves lacking opportunities that would play well to their benefits on the basis of their actual potential, but they miss out on them since the starting line, sadly, is... Read More
The pandemic has affected academics deeply. And while the impact of the pandemic on the academic year of the students cannot entirely be salvaged, it can be mitigated moving forward. The Tripura government has launched the Mukhyamantri Yuba Yogayog yojana 2021 for students which will essentially provide financial assistance to students who are pursuing undergraduate courses... Read More