Schemes for Students

Looking at how the pandemic has disrupted academics all over the country, the Rajasthan government has initiated a scheme that aims to bridge the gap and enable students to get by with their studies. In order to bring quality education to students, every educational institution needs quality educators. Bridging the... Read More
With the onset of the pandemic, academics have taken a serious hit. And while students are trying to make up for a year’s worth of backlog, they are being confronted with the lack of several resources that will help them patch up the gaps in their academics. To enable students to get... Read More
This year has been an academically tough one for students not only across the nation but for students all across the globe. While curriculums have had to change in some places for them to be carried out online, elsewhere, infrastructures have had to change to accommodate a more digital platform.... Read More
Offering lucrative incentives for any task ensures enhanced output and better efforts. That seems to simply be human nature. Lately, the Gujarat government has understood that potential and is directing this aspect of human psychology by offering handsome scholarships to meritorious students in Gujarat through the Gujarat Mukhyamantri Yuva Swavalamban... Read More
This year has been academically challenging for a lot of students, all over the world. To help students get back with their studies and resume their academics – which forms the basis of a good career for them in the long run, the government of Tamil Nadu has come up... Read More
The pandemic has had severe consequences on the academics of students all over the country. And while many have missed out on learning, many others have, due to financial constraints, are unable to afford access to schooling equipment. Unemployment, as an issue, has spread far and wide, and therefore the... Read More