Schemes for Labourers

With society becoming increasingly inclusive, there are more jobs that are reinventing themselves to be all-inclusive. For the longest time, people with disabilities were not even considered to get a job, thereby rendering them incapable of earning a livelihood for themselves. This disallowed them from sustaining themselves and effectively pushing... Read More
Labour is what drives a country’s progress. It, therefore, becomes essential to offer workers toiling in labour the benefits they rightfully deserve. In light of the benefits labourers deserve, the Haryana government has initiated a scheme for the overall welfare of the blue collared workers of the state – the... Read More
During peak pandemic, workers from Uttar Pradesh who worked in different metros around the nation faced a really difficult time. They did not have avenues to travel, nor did they have enough money to suffice them their stay in a place they cannot entirely call their own. Paying heed to... Read More
Ministry of Textiles – a department of the Central government – has launched the Samarth Scheme 2020 for training and employing workers in the textile sector. Far too often, labourers and workers miss out on job opportunities simply because they are not skilled enough. Based on their lack of skills,... Read More