Schemes for Farmers

Farmers in India find it increasingly difficult to make ends meet with the income they make. Sustaining themselves and their families turns out to be an elephantine task, as their incomes are uncertain and largely dependent on variable factors like weather, soil quality, seed quality and the changing socio-political scenario... Read More
Livestock proves to be an important part of a farmer’s life, as it adds a source of income for them. Rearing livestock does offer farmers better profit margins, however, it comes with a caveat. Livestock is expensive to purchase, and that is where most farmers refrain from exploring the benefits... Read More
In an agrarian economy, the welfare of the farmers has to be prioritised at all costs. Several attempts have been made to alleviate the situation of the farmers who barely make ends meet. However, in the last few years, the state governments in India have started implementing schemes that are... Read More
The issue of farmers not making enough financially has been one that has plagued this nation for the longest time. In order to make matters better for the farmers, on whose efforts this nation’s progress rides, several state governments in collaboration with the Central government are launching Farmer oriented schemes,... Read More
Farmers have, for the longest time, found themselves at the end of the short straw. Due to a variety of reasons, they are unable to make ends meet and sustain their families. For years, farmers have faced financial adversity after another, and with the onset of the pandemic and subsequent... Read More
Ever since our independence, there have been several schemes launched for the betterment of farmers who happen to be the backbone of our economy. And yet, year after year, we get to hear of farmers falling into the depths of debts and more often than not unable to find their... Read More
Livestock has been an integral avenue for a farmer’s income. The Indian government, over the last couple of years, has paid heed to the need for schemes in place to optimise farmer’s opportunities in the livestock realm. In the rural areas of the country, feeding and rearing livestock is major... Read More
Several schemes have been launched in the last couple of months to support SHGs and farmers all across the nation. And while state and central governments do their best to aid the farmers and those on the poorer end of the financial spectrum, the Tamil Nadu government intends to go... Read More