Sarkari Yojana

With rising COVID-19 cases all across the country, the government has had to take some crucial decisions in the face of adversity. The government has now opened up vaccinations for citizens aged 18 years and above and it will start rolling out these vaccinations from the 28th of April 2021. This basically... Read More
Leaders are those who rise above the pressure and guide people towards a common goal, one that benefits each team member. Considering the pace at which the country is progressing, there definitely is a need for able leaders to step up to the ranks and direct all this pace towards... Read More
This year has been an academically tough one for students not only across the nation but for students all across the globe. While curriculums have had to change in some places for them to be carried out online, elsewhere, infrastructures have had to change to accommodate a more digital platform.... Read More
The direct representative of development happens to be light. No doubt why enlightenment is the term used to denote the learned, or anything progressive for that matter. However, there are many regions all across the nation that still do not receive the necessary amounts of light, making the quality of... Read More
Once people enter the later stages of their lives, they need avenues to keep themselves occupied. To offer avenues for the aged in Himachal Pradesh, the State government has initiated the Himachal Pradesh Panchvati Yojana 2021 under the Green Belt Development scheme for the elderly in the state. About the Panchavati Scheme in Himachal Pradesh... Read More
Over the months, the importance of healthcare has skyrocketed as all it took was a virus to bring the world to its knees. Several governments, over these months, have taken massive steps towards improving healthcare. One such attempt at improving healthcare in Tamil Nadu happens to be the Tamil Nadu... Read More
Over the years, as businesses have expanded, Indians find themselves having to travel intercity more often to look after businesses and whatnots. And while roadways and railways are cheaper, they take up a long time, which is not feasible for entrepreneurs wanting to be at their destination at a designated... Read More
The world has been reeling from the aftereffects of a pandemic nobody saw coming. And while industries are recuperating, there still seems to be an issue of unemployment, that is turning out to be too difficult to brush off. With millions of youngsters idling through their days without a job,... Read More