Sarkari Yojana 2021

PM Narendra Modi has launched the Mobile application for the Main Nahi Hum portal for IT professionals and organisations at the The portal is based on the  Self4Society theme and aims at bringing about synergy for societal change. In an interaction with the IT and electronic manufacturing professionals at... Read More
For a developing economy, start-ups are just the icing on the cake. With the turn of the 21st Century, India has churned out several start-ups that have grown out to be multinational companies and have established branches across the world. Such promising undertakings only prove the potential of dreams and... Read More
Over the past year, people have realised the importance of better healthcare and the issues that can arise if the healthcare sector is not prioritised. It is no surprise that ever since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, governments all over the world have directed efforts and resources towards improving... Read More
One of the things on the mind of parents of daughters from poorer families in India is the wedding expenses. Traditionally, weddings are an expensive undertaking, and culturally they hold massive significance, and parents of girl children often tend to worry about the expenses the wedding may accrue. To alleviate... Read More
Over the years, India has garnered quite a reputation for itself as a growing hub of entrepreneurs. With the number of “unicorns” popping up in the market, it would not be far-fetched to say that India currently is on an all-time high in terms of ease of doing business. To... Read More
The need for technological intervention in the light of the pandemic is felt more than ever before. However, technological interventions cost money, and not everyone can afford them. With academics largely turning online, students seem to struggle to get the right resources to get back to their studies, and this... Read More
Tubewells make life considerably easy for people. However, for tubewells to function, one needs a steady supply of electricity, which eventually costs money. Paying heed to the struggles people go through, the government of Uttar Pradesh launched the Uttar Pradesh Private Tubewell Connection Yojana for which applicants can apply online.... Read More
Usually, people complain about there being no authority out there listening to the problems of the “common person.” To change this situation, and to be able to function at the grassroots level, the CM of Himachal Pradesh announced the Seva Sankalp scheme – a helpline service that will enable citizens... Read More
For several years, the issue of female infant mortality has been a cause of concern all across the nation. Regressive mindsets and practices will always impede the progress of a nation, and that is what the state governments are trying to get rid of. On the occasion of the 68th... Read More