Sarkari Yojana 2021

With the onset of the pandemic, the youngsters of the country who set out with dreamy eyes of a career saw their careers crumble right in front of their eyes. While many had student loans to pay off, others found themselves working for really low pay which wasn’t even enough... Read More
Sanitation, over the years, has grown to be of prime importance. However, certain rural areas in India still look at menstrual hygiene to be a matter of taboo and hence these discussions often go unaddressed. To beat the stigma and to get over the fence to a more progressive society,... Read More
Grade 10 is a crucial year in the academic life of any individual. It lays the foundation for the student’s higher education and sets the course for what their future has in store for them. However, studies reveal that most girls from poorer families in India cannot afford higher education... Read More
The Odisha government is inviting applicants to apply for the Mukhyamantri Krushi Udyog scheme. Under this scheme, the Odisha government will offer loans to farmers at subsidized interest rates. Loans of up to ₹50 lakh will be offered to farmers to meet their agricultural needs in the face of uncertainty... Read More
While the pandemic brought in a lot of restrictions to things, we usually took for granted, it has also revolutionized some other walks of life. E-learning was always looked at as something as a facet of a utopian future, but with the Coronavirus pandemic, the future turned into the present... Read More
Basic sanitation is every human’s right. Depriving any individual of practicing safe hygiene not only degrades the individual’s life but also brings in a whole lot of social stigma around it. For centuries, the traditional Indian mindset around menstrual cycles has been very limiting. This has led to a lot... Read More
In the current world, if someone intends to cut out from the vicious cycle of poverty and make something financially sustainable for oneself, one has to educate oneself. Over the years, the Indian government has paid heed to the need for quality education, not just for the limited few, but... Read More