Pension Schemes

Construction workers usually find it difficult to find benefits in their line of work. They belong to the unorganised sector which seldom enjoys benefits and usually has to undergo strenuous working hours, without any respite or paid leaves for that matter. Bearing in mind the hardships that labourers have to... Read More
During the pandemic, several entrepreneurs have faced difficult times. This includes merchants and traders, whose entire business model functions primarily on logistics of goods and commodities, and with lockdowns in action, any and every form of movement restriction obstructed influx of income to their houses as well.  Traders and merchants often found... Read More
Widows usually have a tough time in a culturally regressive society, which is unfortunate for them. They not only have to deal with the grief of the loss they have endured, but they also have to wade through societal stigma all alone, and this stigma comes with financial repercussions as well.... Read More
In such trying times, when the world has preferred to find alternatives to stay indoors and resort to a work-from-home model, there are media personnel who have been out there, bringing everyone life-saving news at every point. To extend its support and recognition of valiant efforts, the Haryana government has announced the... Read More
Over the years, West Bengal has introduced some really innovative plans for its residents, to make their lives easier, in ways more than one. Lately, in a long list of interesting schemes stands the West Bengal Jai Bangla Pension scheme, also known as the Joy Bangla Scheme. About the Joy... Read More
Time and tide wait for no one and that is an adage as old as proverbs go. However, having avenues for financial assistance at the ripe age of life is assuring to all. And while many, in their younger days, manage to save up for retirement while taking care of... Read More
Women empowerment has been the focal point of several governmental schemes in the last decade. However, there still are vulnerable women in Andhra Pradesh who face several difficulties in finding ways to bring food to the table or to make enough to sustain their livelihoods, thereby making them a liability... Read More