Maternity Scheme

For several years, the issue of female infant mortality has been a cause of concern all across the nation. Regressive mindsets and practices will always impede the progress of a nation, and that is what the state governments are trying to get rid of. On the occasion of the 68th... Read More
With sustainability as a goal moving forward, and with an intention to achieving Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs, preventing child mortality becomes an important issue to deal with. Every pregnancy is a special occasion and every pregnant woman in the country deserves a fair share of prenatal care and protection,... Read More
Caring for women who are birthing a child is of utmost importance. However, with a negligent healthcare structure in India which highly favours those willing to shell out higher sums of money, those from Below the Poverty line often find themselves to be in a fix. In order to bring... Read More
In an attempt to make pregnancy a whole lot easier for women in Uttarakhand, the Uttarakhand government is going to launch the Saubhagyawati Yojana 2020 for pregnant women and newborn children. In this scheme, the state government will provide food kit and clothes to beneficiary pregnant ladies as well as... Read More
On December 25, 2014, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare launched Mission Indradhanush. Implemented for social welfare, the scheme envisions to provide immunization cover to all children and pregnant women across our country by the end of 2020. Under Mission Indradhanush, children and pregnant women from socio-economic, traditional, and... Read More