Housing for All

Considered to be one of the basic human needs, housing is an essential goal in every person’s life. Everyone dreams of having a safe haven where they get to be themselves and enjoy the safety and comfort of their own household; a place where memories can be made and cherished.... Read More
Housing, for centuries, has been a crucial aspect of any person’s life. Everyone aspires to have a house that bears their family’s name on it so that the legacy remains for decades to come. However, for the poor, housing usually ends up being merely a pipedream; an impossibility, simply because... Read More
In the current economy, housing could end up daunting anyone who dreams of it. With soaring prices of properties, one would ideally delay any immediate plans of owning a house. However, the Central Government has acknowledged the plight of the people, has decided to lower the House Building Advance scheme interest rate on the... Read More
Owning a house is a basic fundamental right of every person. It falls under the prescribed essentials of Food, Clothing and Shelter. However, owning a house currently could seem like a steep climb; with soaring apartmental prices and shrinking spaces in cities, people barely have any place to build a... Read More
Housing is one of the biggest concerns for the common person in India. With an increasing population and limited space, affording a house becomes a steep undertaking. The Chhattisgarh government, in light of the issues that arise with the problem of housing, has announced a solution – the CG Aawas Portal.  About the CG... Read More
With the onset of the pandemic, the only other thing as virulent as the virus itself has been unemployment. People have lost jobs all across the country, and with soaring prices and EMIs to have to pay, people are increasingly worried. Bearing in mind the worries of the people, the... Read More
Housing is an essential need and therefore, without a doubt, qualifies to be a basic human necessity, alongside food and clothing. In order to offer housing opportunities to residents of Jammu and Kashmir, the Jammu and Kashmir government is going to provide a substantial sum to beneficiaries, so as to avail... Read More