Health Schemes

The Arunachal Pradesh government, bearing in mind the ills of the pandemic and the importance of healthcare in the state, has launched a new Health Insurance scheme – The Chief Minister Arogya Arunachal Yojana (CMAAY). Over the span of one year, the world, and every notion we held regarding normalcy... Read More
Over the past year, people have realised the importance of better healthcare and the issues that can arise if the healthcare sector is not prioritised. It is no surprise that ever since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, governments all over the world have directed efforts and resources towards improving... Read More
Lately, the importance of healthcare has really taken center stage, all around the world. Governments across the globe have decided to pay more attention to healthcare, considering how neglecting it can have devastating effects in the long run, and how a single virus is all it takes to bring the world to... Read More
With a health crisis looming over nations for well over a year now, governments and state governments are now finding ways to deal with this. Healthcare crises can only be resolved with healthcare efforts, and while they can be quite a task to achieve, it definitely is not impossible. The plagues and... Read More
With the growing crisis in the form of the pandemic, the government has realised the importance of the National Ayush Mission (NAM) and has effectively decided to continue the mission till 2021. Under the implementation of the National Ayush Mission, there will be constant up-gradation of hospitals, dispensaries, educational institutions,... Read More
The Pandemic has had devastating effects on the lives of the poor, who are finding it really difficult to make ends meet and to sustain themselves in a post-pandemic world, where prices of practically everything seems to be skyrocketing. The Rajasthan government has taken cognizance of the fact that people... Read More
The Odisha government, in the last couple of months, has been prioritising child healthcare with utmost gusto. The state government has launched a range of schemes for the welfare of new mothers and newborn babies, and one such scheme happens to be the Odisha e-Kalika scheme – a scheme which... Read More
Healthcare, over the last year, has proven to be of utmost importance. In Odisha, not all people have the privilege of affording top-notch healthcare facilities. This adversely affects the health of the mother and the child. To benefit women in Odisha and to take care of their children, the Odisha... Read More