Government Schemes for Farmers

Farmers usually face a hard time making ends meet with the meager amount of money they end up making.  In order to help poor farmers who are currently battling to stay above the poverty line, the Government of India has started the SMAM Kisan Yojana.  Main objective of the SMAM... Read More
Farmers face a lot of financial issues simply because a good yield offers them a good income and a good yield primarily relies on good climatic conditions; which hasn’t been all that favourable lately.  Unfavourable climatic conditions affect a farmer’s yield, making it difficult to extract even their basic sustenance... Read More
The Kalia Yojana is basically a Chief Minister’s initiative in Odisha which is made with the interests of farmers at its very core. Farmers are the backbone of the nation’s agrarian economy, and there is no denying the fact that due to unstable climate and corruption-laden socio-political systems, farmers are... Read More