Financial Assistance

For the longest time, single mothers and orphan girls in the country find themselves in a fix whenever the financial burdens of a wedding fall upon them. This pressure can be quite crippling to those who have to go through a lot of hardships just to sustain themselves. In such... Read More
Construction workers usually find it difficult to find benefits in their line of work. They belong to the unorganised sector which seldom enjoys benefits and usually has to undergo strenuous working hours, without any respite or paid leaves for that matter. Bearing in mind the hardships that labourers have to... Read More
Pregnancy is a delicate period in any woman’s life. During such a time, any and every form of support goes a long way in protecting the health of the mother and the child. Maternity leave is considered to be the right kind of support an expecting woman can receive from... Read More
Usually, students from the economically backward classes do not find the right avenues to prosper, which is why they get to end up being stuck in the vicious cycle of poverty. Education is the only way forward for such students; a key to unlock that better life – a life... Read More
The pandemic has wreaked havoc on people’s lives. And while the rich get through unscathed, it is the poor who end up suffering the most. Paying heed to the concerns of the poor, the Delhi government initiated a new scheme – Delhi Mukhyamantri COVID-19 Pariwar Aarthik Sahayata yojana online. About... Read More
One of the things on the mind of parents of daughters from poorer families in India is the wedding expenses. Traditionally, weddings are an expensive undertaking, and culturally they hold massive significance, and parents of girl children often tend to worry about the expenses the wedding may accrue. To alleviate... Read More
A person’s physical and mental condition should not be definitive of one’s personality or a cause of depriving that person of dignity and a right to life similar to everyone. Owing to this progressive thought, the Kerala State government has launched the Kerala Swasraya scheme 2021 – a welfare scheme... Read More