Employment Schemes

Unemployment swept through the nation just as furiously as the pandemic. And while some may argue, to some capacity, unemployment did prove to be somewhat lethal to the people of the country. The choices for the lower-middle-class household or workers from the labourer sect were to either suffer from the... Read More
In these dire times, self-reliance has become more than just the need of the hour – it has practically become a necessity. While employment opportunities are being offered to the masses affected by the mass wave of unemployment that has wiped through the country, getting a job has become more difficult than... Read More
Ever since the lockdowns have come into effect, youngsters all around the nation have found it increasingly difficult to bag a job that keeps the income steady and their households afloat. Bearing in mind the deplorable situation that arose, the government of West Bengal initiated the WB Karmo Bhumi yojana. About the... Read More
Women empowerment has been the core of several state and central schemes for the last couple of years. And while many of them have encouraged women, entrepreneurs, few have offered benefits to women farmers. The Andhra government, paying heed to the perils faced by women farmers has initiated the Andhra... Read More
The upliftment of the poor has been the agenda of several governments all around the world. Tackling poverty has been a key fundamental of several political parties, and all have, to some extent, tried their hand at it. Considering the massiveness of the task at hand, executing said plans can... Read More
Over the last year, millions have lost their jobs to the shutdowns caused by the pandemic. The coronavirus has either led to people dying off the infection or of starvation as they could not bring food to the table for themselves or their families. While all this was happening, the... Read More
The world has been reeling from the aftereffects of a pandemic nobody saw coming. And while industries are recuperating, there still seems to be an issue of unemployment, that is turning out to be too difficult to brush off. With millions of youngsters idling through their days without a job,... Read More
The National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS) has been a Government of India initiative and it has been launched on 19th August 2016. The scheme aims to facilitate industrial training to people so that they get to experience and participate in the ground level scenario of a well-functioning unit. The scheme... Read More