Employment Schemes

Over the last year, millions have lost their jobs to the shutdowns caused by the pandemic. The coronavirus has either led to people dying off the infection or of starvation as they could not bring food to the table for themselves or their families. While all this was happening, the... Read More
The world has been reeling from the aftereffects of a pandemic nobody saw coming. And while industries are recuperating, there still seems to be an issue of unemployment, that is turning out to be too difficult to brush off. With millions of youngsters idling through their days without a job,... Read More
The National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS) has been a Government of India initiative and it has been launched on 19th August 2016. The scheme aims to facilitate industrial training to people so that they get to experience and participate in the ground level scenario of a well-functioning unit. The scheme... Read More
With the onset of the pandemic, the youngsters of the country who set out with dreamy eyes of a career saw their careers crumble right in front of their eyes. While many had student loans to pay off, others found themselves working for really low pay which wasn’t even enough... Read More
The unemployment toll of the nation skyrocketed with the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic. Millions of people all around the nation lost their jobs, and with that, any way of getting in money to make ends meet. People are finding it difficult to get their expenses met and look after... Read More