Education Schemes

Looking at how the pandemic has disrupted academics all over the country, the Rajasthan government has initiated a scheme that aims to bridge the gap and enable students to get by with their studies. In order to bring quality education to students, every educational institution needs quality educators. Bridging the... Read More
This year has been academically challenging for a lot of students, all over the world. To help students get back with their studies and resume their academics – which forms the basis of a good career for them in the long run, the government of Tamil Nadu has come up... Read More
The pandemic has had severe consequences on the academics of students all over the country. And while many have missed out on learning, many others have, due to financial constraints, are unable to afford access to schooling equipment. Unemployment, as an issue, has spread far and wide, and therefore the... Read More
With the onset of the pandemic, education, by and large, ended up taking a backseat. Schools have remained shut for over a year now, and one can only wonder when everything will be safe enough to allow kids to enter schools to resume their academics. In the meanwhile, educational facilities... Read More
Grade 10 is a crucial year in the academic life of any individual. It lays the foundation for the student’s higher education and sets the course for what their future has in store for them. However, studies reveal that most girls from poorer families in India cannot afford higher education... Read More
While the pandemic brought in a lot of restrictions to things, we usually took for granted, it has also revolutionized some other walks of life. E-learning was always looked at as something as a facet of a utopian future, but with the Coronavirus pandemic, the future turned into the present... Read More