Central Government Yojanas

With the world growing to be increasingly digital, there is simply no escape. For one to survive in this world, one has to get onto the digital bandwagon, from where there seems to be no escape. However, for all its boons, there is a duality to it that seems to... Read More
With unemployment rampantly prevalent, job seekers and employers both find themselves to be in quite a fix, as there seems to be no portal to unite the two. There are a lot of jobs that are vacant jobs but job seekers do not seem to have any knowledge of the... Read More
Over the years, India has garnered quite a reputation for itself as a growing hub of entrepreneurs. With the number of “unicorns” popping up in the market, it would not be far-fetched to say that India currently is on an all-time high in terms of ease of doing business. To... Read More
The Indian railways have served the country for the longest time and with the increase in technology all around us, the Indian railways are about to turn to the next, most inevitable chapter – digitisation. And this process starts with mobile application development which offers better accessibility to all users. ... Read More
For the longest time, farmers have found it incredibly difficult to make ends meet. This happens due to unfavourable climatic conditions, fluctuating market prices of commodities and the weight of crushing debt that just does not seem to leave their side whatsoever.  In order to alleviate the situation for farmers and to... Read More
Over the years, technology has made life infinitely easier for all. The idea now is to expand the scope of technology to benefit people of all ages. The younger generation is adept at finding their way around with the help of technology. However, it is the older generation that finds... Read More
In the current economy, housing could end up daunting anyone who dreams of it. With soaring prices of properties, one would ideally delay any immediate plans of owning a house. However, the Central Government has acknowledged the plight of the people, has decided to lower the House Building Advance scheme interest rate on the... Read More
In the current situation we find ourselves to be, we realise the oversight we had on the medical infrastructure frontier, and how it can come back, years later to haunt us in ways we did not foresee. However, this takes our attention to the fact that oversight can be a... Read More
One of the oldest hobbies in the book has to be stamp collection. There was an age where every person indulged in philately. Over the years, however, with posting letters falling out of fashion due to the arrival of faster modes of communication like telephones, cell phones and the internet,... Read More