State Government Yojanas

The Police force, most definitely, is one of the most underrated services in our country. While they deserve a tonne of support and praise, they barely manage to have a proper office or facilities to do their jobs properly.  In order to resuscitate the dignity, reputation, and efficiency of the... Read More
In order to tackle several issues at once, governments need to deploy something broader than merely focusing on one issue at a time. Usually, governments are held for a specific period of time, and there happens to be no time to take matters one at a time. This one-cure-treats-all strategy... Read More
Lately, the importance of healthcare has really taken center stage, all around the world. Governments across the globe have decided to pay more attention to healthcare, considering how neglecting it can have devastating effects in the long run, and how a single virus is all it takes to bring the world to... Read More
Owning a house is a basic fundamental right of every person. It falls under the prescribed essentials of Food, Clothing and Shelter. However, owning a house currently could seem like a steep climb; with soaring apartmental prices and shrinking spaces in cities, people barely have any place to build a... Read More
India is a developing nation. With the winds of change, card castles of stigma topple down, and that is the future that is unfurling for the country. Since the turn of the century, the young nation has brought about several changes and has gotten increasingly more progressive.  However, true progress... Read More
Small businesses have suffered the most with the onset of the pandemic. And a major chunk of government profits actually stems from the profits of these small businesses, which makes sense why the Make In India initiative is prioritised lately. The Odisha government, understanding the plight of craftsmen who have been... Read More
With changing times, procedures need to be abreast with these changing times, so as to remain relevant and accessible to the masses. With the Sikkim Chief Electoral officer elections coming up, and in light of the current medical crisis faced worldwide, the government of Sikkim has made the process digital for all... Read More