State Government Yojanas

Offering justice across various regions of the nation often stood to be a hassle as reaching out to the grassroots was a task too humongous to be achieved. However, the government of Uttar Pradesh has opened its doors wider to those who wish to be heard and has, therefore, come... Read More
The position of women in a regressive Indian society has faced a lot of challenges. With lack of education leading to a lack of opportunities, women end up being reliant on their parents or spouses, thereby contributing to a restrained life. Financial freedom is essential at offering women an equal... Read More
Farmers face a lot of financial issues simply because a good yield offers them a good income and a good yield primarily relies on good climatic conditions; which hasn’t been all that favourable lately.  Unfavourable climatic conditions affect a farmer’s yield, making it difficult to extract even their basic sustenance... Read More