State Government Yojanas

This year has been academically challenging for a lot of students, all over the world. To help students get back with their studies and resume their academics – which forms the basis of a good career for them in the long run, the government of Tamil Nadu has come up... Read More
For the longest time, states like Uttar Pradesh have garnered the reputation of not being supportive of women’s development and empowerment, owing to regressive traditions and beliefs. However, the winds of change have begun to enter Uttar Pradesh with the UP Mahila Samarthya Yojana – wherein the women of the... Read More
Farmers have, for the longest time, found themselves at the end of the short straw. Due to a variety of reasons, they are unable to make ends meet and sustain their families. For years, farmers have faced financial adversity after another, and with the onset of the pandemic and subsequent... Read More
Over the years, West Bengal has introduced some really innovative plans for its residents, to make their lives easier, in ways more than one. Lately, in a long list of interesting schemes stands the West Bengal Jai Bangla Pension scheme, also known as the Joy Bangla Scheme. About the Joy... Read More
Ever since our independence, there have been several schemes launched for the betterment of farmers who happen to be the backbone of our economy. And yet, year after year, we get to hear of farmers falling into the depths of debts and more often than not unable to find their... Read More
Having celebrated International Women’s day just a couple of weeks ago will still not be enough to compensate for the centuries of oppression women have faced. To incorporate true change, people from all walks of life need to come together and make the world more equality-oriented; a world where your... Read More
The Pandemic has had devastating effects on the lives of the poor, who are finding it really difficult to make ends meet and to sustain themselves in a post-pandemic world, where prices of practically everything seems to be skyrocketing. The Rajasthan government has taken cognizance of the fact that people... Read More
In the wake of women’s day celebrations, the Maharashtra government has planned to make the occasion all the more memorable – by launching a scheme that promises to work towards women’s empowerment. The Mahasamruddhi scheme for 2021 is going to be a major step towards empowering women in rural parts... Read More
The pandemic has had severe consequences on the academics of students all over the country. And while many have missed out on learning, many others have, due to financial constraints, are unable to afford access to schooling equipment. Unemployment, as an issue, has spread far and wide, and therefore the... Read More