State Government Yojanas

Education is an essential component in a person’s life. It allows one to break the cycle of poverty and reach for greater financial glory. Education, in its truest form, has redemptive powers, and more people are realizing its potential as the years go by. In order to enable poor students from rural areas... Read More
Education is an essential aspect of an individual’s holistic growth and development. In India, education often is also considered a way out of poverty and onto better things and opportunities in life. However, with the onset of the pandemic, students cannot go back to schools, which has impacted academics, much to the dismay... Read More
Thomas Jefferson once said, “If the farmer is rich, then so is the nation.”  This stands to be true for us as a nation on so many grounds, especially considering the fact that we happen to be an agrarian economy where our primary source of revenue happens to be agricultural goods.  However,... Read More
Over the last couple of decades, governments have tried to go out of the way and help the deteriorating situation of farmers across the country. Agriculture is a pivotal aspect of the Indian economy which is primarily agrarian in nature. When the farmers suffer, the national economy on the whole suffers, and this is... Read More
Farmers have usually had a tough time making ends meet. Their worries have multiplied manifold ever since the Coronavirus outbreak, and this has left the farmer community largely dishevelled.  The West Bengal government, acknowledging the worries of the farmers in the state have launched a financial respite scheme. This scheme would offer financial... Read More