State Government Yojanas

Due to the limitations imposed by the worldwide pandemic, schools have remained shut for well over a year now. While this has not entirely limited students’ academics, it most definitely has created a gap in their learning. In order to provide assistance to students who have not been able to... Read More
Every year, thousands of victims fall prey to accidents. Road accidents are a serious issue, and while we could consider looking at irresponsible drivers and creating awareness, what is also needed is to provide victims with an insurance policy. To make sure that the people of Gujarat feel safe, the... Read More
Government employees usually are one of the most dedicated workforces, and who is most underrated. People usually believe that the life of a government worker is least hectic, while in reality their jobs are quite tiresome and they indeed perform at their level best in a thankless job. The Karnataka... Read More
Property registrations can turn out to be quite a tedious process. There is usually a tonne of paperwork involved, alongside a lot of visits to this office and that. And while all of that may not be enough, there also is the availability of said personnel to look into. In... Read More
With the turn of the century, oppressive traditions and practices are being demolished for the collective good, and this turns out to be the biggest win for humanity on the whole. Several oppressive beliefs and customs are being axed and the most important one in India that needs to be... Read More