State Government Yojanas

Housing is one of the biggest concerns for the common person in India. With an increasing population and limited space, affording a house becomes a steep undertaking. The Chhattisgarh government, in light of the issues that arise with the problem of housing, has announced a solution – the CG Aawas Portal.  About the CG... Read More
The pandemic has affected academics deeply. And while the impact of the pandemic on the academic year of the students cannot entirely be salvaged, it can be mitigated moving forward. The Tripura government has launched the Mukhyamantri Yuba Yogayog yojana 2021 for students which will essentially provide financial assistance to students who are pursuing undergraduate courses... Read More
While the WFH or Work-From-Home method of working is highly recommended considering the effects of the pandemic, it is not feasible for all. Constant homely interventions, internet instability and several other disturbances make working seamlessly an issue. Understanding the plight of the people who wish to work without interruptions and... Read More
The world, currently, stands conflicted on several matters, like the pandemic, riots, civil wars and outright wars. However, amidst all the politics and the diplomatic handshakes, it gets easier to forget about the soil we stand over. Climate crisis is all real a threat as far as threats go. This... Read More
The onset of the pandemic has brought to light several issues. While the death of thousands either through disease or lack of finances and nutrition is now a piece of everyday news, there are state governments trying to find a lucrative solution to the problem and save as many lives as they... Read More
The pandemic clearly has not been kind to several households. However, it has been severely unkind to many children who have ended up as orphans, as the contagion took their parents under its lethal wings. And while this can be very unfortunate for those children, governments are trying their best... Read More
With a health crisis looming over nations for well over a year now, governments and state governments are now finding ways to deal with this. Healthcare crises can only be resolved with healthcare efforts, and while they can be quite a task to achieve, it definitely is not impossible. The plagues and... Read More