State Government Yojanas

The Kalia Yojana is basically a Chief Minister’s initiative in Odisha which is made with the interests of farmers at its very core. Farmers are the backbone of the nation’s agrarian economy, and there is no denying the fact that due to unstable climate and corruption-laden socio-political systems, farmers are... Read More
Trying times call for relief schemes for the vulnerable; they are ones who get affected most severely with the consequences of something like a lockdown. Hence, in favour of those labourers and daily wage workers who are finding it really hard to go through days right now, the CM of... Read More
The Ek Bigha Yojana or the One Bigha Yojana is being looked at as an empowerment scheme for women. For the longest time, women found it difficult to find respectful, well-paying jobs. In the absence of such jobs, women in India were forced to be dependent on the earning men... Read More
The social structure of India has been complex for decades and the discrimination against women isn’t uncommon or unheard of. But as we turn towards a new decade, it is time the government takes appropriate actions to eradicate this century-old discrimination and move towards a newer, better India. Taking the... Read More