State Government Yojanas

The Jammu and Kashmir administration is now accepting applications for Domicile certificates. The Union Territory government has initiated the process of offering domicile certificates to those who have been living in Jammu and Kashmir for more than 15 years. Interested applicants who are eligible for the certificate can now apply... Read More
The unemployment toll of the nation skyrocketed with the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic. Millions of people all around the nation lost their jobs, and with that, any way of getting in money to make ends meet. People are finding it difficult to get their expenses met and look after... Read More
During peak pandemic, workers from Uttar Pradesh who worked in different metros around the nation faced a really difficult time. They did not have avenues to travel, nor did they have enough money to suffice them their stay in a place they cannot entirely call their own. Paying heed to... Read More
Schooling is one of the most essential aspects of any state or any nation for that matter. Without sound education, it is really difficult for the nation to get a quality workforce. Education really opens up the avenues for individuals to spread their wings and reach for what they feel... Read More