Government Yojanas

Once people enter the later stages of their lives, they need avenues to keep themselves occupied. To offer avenues for the aged in Himachal Pradesh, the State government has initiated the Himachal Pradesh Panchvati Yojana 2021 under the Green Belt Development scheme for the elderly in the state. About the Panchavati Scheme in Himachal Pradesh... Read More
Passport is an essential document, which stands as an ultimate proof of one’s nationality. When it comes to an international trip, of any nature whatsoever, a passport turns out to be the most crucial document there could be.  Over the last couple of decades, the Government has acknowledged the importance... Read More
A disease that has taken the world by storm, Coronavirus is humbling governments all across the globe. Various countries are now investing as much of their capital towards better healthcare as possible.  The Indian Government spearheaded by Narendra Modi has announced, amidst a vast majority of confused masses, a financial... Read More
What started off as a training program for girls in Bhopal has now gained international and National traction, courtesy its generous and benevolent objective – providing digital expertise to young girls across the nation.  It started off on the 11th of October, while the country was in its 72nd year... Read More