Central Government Yojanas

Digitization, over the last couple of months, has spread across the country like wildfire. With social distancing foregoing mere protocol and becoming a way of life these days, anything that enables people to take care of tasks remotely is highly appreciated these days. In order to help people access banking... Read More
Over the years, as businesses have expanded, Indians find themselves having to travel intercity more often to look after businesses and whatnots. And while roadways and railways are cheaper, they take up a long time, which is not feasible for entrepreneurs wanting to be at their destination at a designated... Read More
For the longest time, transgenders have faced the worst of times. They have been denied opportunities and called names, and they have had a substandard life to call their own. Over the years, however, with the turn of the century and increasing awareness of humanism, transgenders are beginning to find... Read More
The National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS) has been a Government of India initiative and it has been launched on 19th August 2016. The scheme aims to facilitate industrial training to people so that they get to experience and participate in the ground level scenario of a well-functioning unit. The scheme... Read More