Central Government Yojanas

Leaders are those who rise above the pressure and guide people towards a common goal, one that benefits each team member. Considering the pace at which the country is progressing, there definitely is a need for able leaders to step up to the ranks and direct all this pace towards... Read More
This year has been an academically tough one for students not only across the nation but for students all across the globe. While curriculums have had to change in some places for them to be carried out online, elsewhere, infrastructures have had to change to accommodate a more digital platform.... Read More
The direct representative of development happens to be light. No doubt why enlightenment is the term used to denote the learned, or anything progressive for that matter. However, there are many regions all across the nation that still do not receive the necessary amounts of light, making the quality of... Read More
With the growing crisis in the form of the pandemic, the government has realised the importance of the National Ayush Mission (NAM) and has effectively decided to continue the mission till 2021. Under the implementation of the National Ayush Mission, there will be constant up-gradation of hospitals, dispensaries, educational institutions,... Read More
Housing is an essential need and therefore, without a doubt, qualifies to be a basic human necessity, alongside food and clothing. In order to offer housing opportunities to residents of Jammu and Kashmir, the Jammu and Kashmir government is going to provide a substantial sum to beneficiaries, so as to avail... Read More
With rising concerns over the climate crisis, world governments are now taking eco-friendly measures to salvage this planet from ruins. And while many governments all over the world are coming up with innovative measures to battle the issue and save the planet, the Delhi state government has something innovative to... Read More
The Digital India Mission initiative was launched by the Government of India on 1st July 2015. The purpose of the mission is the digitalization of governance mechanisms, services, and creating digital infrastructure. It is a futuristic step towards well-organized e-governance. The aim is also to spread digital literacy in urban... Read More