Central Government Yojanas

With the world growing to be increasingly digital, there is simply no escape. For one to survive in this world, one has to get onto the digital bandwagon, from where there seems to be no escape. However, for all its boons, there is a duality to it that seems to... Read More
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The world has seen the power of going digital and how it can make the world move forward even with a pandemic thwarting every notion of normalcy. Looking at what digitisation can achieve and it makes processes a lot easier, the Ministry of Electronics and Information technology (MeitY) has launched... Read More
Passport services are essential as they provide people with the avenue to travel abroad. Without a passport, it would be impossible to travel anywhere internationally. A passport not only serves to be an internationally recognised document, but it also holds prime importance as a document and every Indian should have... Read More
Over the years, India has garnered quite a reputation for itself as a growing hub of entrepreneurs. With the number of “unicorns” popping up in the market, it would not be far-fetched to say that India currently is on an all-time high in terms of ease of doing business. To... Read More
During the pandemic, several entrepreneurs have faced difficult times. This includes merchants and traders, whose entire business model functions primarily on logistics of goods and commodities, and with lockdowns in action, any and every form of movement restriction obstructed influx of income to their houses as well.  Traders and merchants often found... Read More